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Projekt > Nutzung > benefits + advantages of easy-mind
the product in our project - in comparison also to the developments of our competitors
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  • our product - benefits + advantages
  • our project - sense + purpose

Product easy mind benefits + advantages


as instrument

    One goal of our product development in easy mind is,
    making available an instrument for broad population circles,
    for simply using computer assisted decisions and making its popular

    • in teachings and companies but also
    • in parties, associations and
    • in private households

    comparing with similar products on the software market of our competitors -
    we have paid attention specially to following advantages:


    • fast web-based real time-exchange between the team-members
      for processes of decision branched out world-wide
    • simple and intuitive surface for the user
      fast & easy to learn without previous knowledge
      in German & English language
    • a concentrated & clear & suitable view of the decision in all situations
      by insertable infos & comments in tooltip-layer technology in the third dimension
    • low priced software licenses for intranet-version.
      the internet-version particulate even free of charge
    • no work for installation by the user
      because a simply browser suffices for handling the instrument on the client PC
    • a server-application independent of OS with only minimum system requirements

    we don't know a comparable solution.. Either decision support software costs equal 2 - 3 thousand Euro per user as e.g. Expert Choice and /or there are only a English-speaking surface and assistance.



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