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test your gut feeling - have fun & thrill together ! with the software easy-mind - a modern web-instrument for decision-making aid
AutorIn : Dr. Kraus-Rauch / Datum : 01.03.2005 13:33
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  • online-help - manual & operating guidelines (german)
  • PDF-Hilfe - download manual (german)
  • support - per phone & email (speaking english)
  • coaching - per phone & email (speaking english)
  • AHP - short summary of method easy-mind in wikipedia (english)

Test your gut feeling - have fun & thrill together ! :-)

The software easy-mind is a modern web-instrument for decision-making aid.
you have only a few of time and nevertheless you need making decisions "correctly"
in your family, in your job, in the association daily. besides you have to reduce
controversial opinions and emotions in your team and come to a common denominator

Normally there are 2 to 3 proposals for solution already under discussion,
but likewise a lot of arguments with pros & cons.

Now our instrument does support you sorting & evaluating all these arguments with much sense and sensibility.
easy-mind does combine your plausible evaluations to the optimal solution for You and
does document it transparently for everybody by a modern method of decision theory (AHP).

  • simple evaluation & representation of the solutions
  • clearing emotions & logic arguments
  • checking quality & stability of your decision
  • little need of time for your team
  • high acceptance & transparency for your team
  • more precise than cost benefit analysis - value benefit analysis


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